Faculty Book: Kyle Gorman

Kyle Gorman and Richard Sproat
Finite-State Text Processing
(Morgan & Claypool Publishers, 2021)

image of book:Finite-State Text ProcessingWeighted finite-state transducers (WFSTs) are commonly used by engineers and computational linguists for processing and generating speech and text. This book first provides a detailed introduction to this formalism. It then introduces Pynini, a Python library for compiling finite-state grammars and for combining, optimizing, applying, and searching finite-state transducers. This book illustrates this library’s conventions and use with a series of case studies. These include the compilation and application of context-dependent rewrite rules, the construction of morphological analyzers and generators, and text generation and processing applications.

Gorman is an assistant professor of linguistics at The Graduate Center.

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Submitted on: JUN 3, 2021

Category: Faculty Books | Linguistics