Faculty Book: Godfrey Gumbs

Godfrey Gumbs and Danhong Huang

Properties of Interacting Low-Dimensional Systems
(Wiley-VCH, 2011)

Filling the gap in comprehensive coverage of the fundamentals and approaches needed to perform cutting-edge research on mesoscopic systems, this textbook allows advanced students to acquire and use skills at a highly technical, research level. Starting with a brief refresher to get all readers on an equal footing, the text moves on to a broad selection of advanced topics, which are complemented by a presentation of problems and solutions that can be used in classrooms. Based on a well-tested lecture, this is a must-have for researchers, research students, and instructors involved with semiconductor junctions, nanostructures, and thin film systems. Godfrey Gumbs (Dist. Prof., Hunter) is on the doctoral faculty in physics.

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Submitted on: SEP 30, 2011

Category: Faculty Books | Physics