Faculty Book: Lyn Di Iorio

Lyn Di Iorio

Outside the Bones
(Arte Publico Press, 2011)

Weaving Afro-Caribbean witchcraft rituals with the sixteen-year-old mystery of a woman's disappearance, Outside the Bones is an erotically charged ghost story set in both present-day New York and Puerto Rico. Fina, a big girl with a big mouth, is a spirit worker (or bruja) on the Upper West Side whose desire for the trumpet player who lives upstairs leads to her involvement with Palo Monte, the Afro-Caribbean magical art of controlling and manipulating spirits housed in cauldrons. Following in the tradition of Anne Rice, this debut novel takes a mesmerizing look at issues of race, class, power, and greed. Lyn Di Iorio (Assoc. Prof., City) is on the doctoral faculty in English.

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Submitted on: OCT 25, 2011

Category: English | Faculty Books