Faculty Book: Jonathan Kalb

Jonathan Kalb

Great Lengths: Seven Works of Marathon Theater
(University of Michigan Press, 2011)

Why do some dramatic creations extend to five hours or more, and how does their extreme length help them accomplish extraordinarily ambitious aims? Kalb addresses these and other questions through a close look at seven internationally prominent theatre productions, including Tony Kushner’s Angels in America, Robert Wilson’s Einstein on the Beach, and the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Nicholas Nickleby. This is a book about extreme length, monumental scope, and intensive immersion in the theatre in general. It situates the chosen productions in various historical and critical contexts and engages with the many lively scholarly debates that have swirled around them. At the same time, it uses the productions as springboards for wide-ranging reflections on the basic purpose and enduring power of theatre in an attention-challenged, media-saturated era. Jonathan Kalb (Prof., Hunter) is on the doctoral faculty in theatre.

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Submitted on: NOV 2, 2011

Category: Faculty Books | Theatre