Faculty Book: Christian Grov

Michael D. Smith and Christian Grov

In the Company of Men: Inside the Lives of Male Prostitutes
(Praeger, 2011)

Documenting male prostitution from the perspective of a group of men working for an Internet escort agency, this in-depth account sheds light on the hidden world of Internet male escorts, their customers, and the niche they inhabit in modern American society. The authors also address attendant issues of postmodern identity, culture, and sexuality—and the transformative influence of the Internet on sexual behavior and male prostitution. Through numerous interviews, the book examines the sometimes dichotomous relationship between the image men convey and the lengths to which they go in order to meet their most private needs. Readers travel down a cyber Sunset Boulevard to see what attracts young men to work as escorts, how an escort agency serves economic and personal goals, and how a community can evolve among the men involved. Christian Grov (Asst. Prof., Brooklyn) is on the doctoral faculty in public health.

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Submitted on: MAR 13, 2012

Category: Faculty Books