Candace McCoy
Position: Professor
Program: Criminal Justice
Campus Affiliation: Graduate Center|John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Phone: 212-237-8784 (GC); 212-484-1135 (JJ)
Research Interests: Courts, Law and Society; Plea Bargaining and Sentencing
Candace McCoy, a criminal justice generalist, specializes in the study of criminal justice policies. She has published on such topics as sentencing, plea bargaining, jury decision making, police practices, and drug courts. She has also taught in the field of criminal justice ethics. Recent publications include reviews and commentary about drug courts, a coauthored article on bail reform published in Punishment and Society, the chapter on “Prosecution” in the Oxford Handbook of Criminal Justice (2011), and the edited book Holding Police Accountable (2010). With Jerome Skolnick and Malcolm Feeley, she coedited the textbook Criminal Justice: Cases and Materials, 6th ed. (2004).
McCoy is now researching the effects of collaborative police/neighborhood decision-making on police practices. She received the American Society of Criminology’s Herbert Block Award for distinguished service to the profession in 2003 and has appeared as a commentator in various media. In 2006, she was appointed as chair of the State of New Jersey’s Criminal Disposition Commission. McCoy earned her Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley, her J.D. from the College of Law at the University of Cincinnati, and her B.A. cum laude from Hiram College, Ohio.