Janet Gornick
Position: Professor
Programs: Sociology | Political Science
Campus Affiliation: Graduate Center
Phone: 212-817-1872
Degrees/Diplomas: Ph.D. Harvard University
Research Interests: public policy, gender - comparative social welfare policy, variation across the industrialized countries and throughout the U.S. states. Much of her work considers the effects of social policy on women's status in the labor market and on the economic well-being of families.

Janet Gornick received a Ph.D. in political economy and government from Harvard University. Her research is on comparative social welfare policy, and concerns variation across high- and middle-income countries. Much of her work considers the effects of social policy on women’s status in the labor market, on the economic well-being of families, and, most recently, on income inequality. Her books include Gender Equality: Transforming Family Divisions of Labor (2009), with Marcia Meyers et al.; Families That Work: Policies for Reconciling Parenthood and Employment (2003), coauthored with Meyers; and Income Inequality: Economic Disparities and the Middle Class in Affluent Countries (2013), coedited with Markus J√§ntti.
Gornick’s articles have appeared in such peer-reviewed academic journals as the American Sociological Review; the Annual Review of Sociology; the Journal of European Social Policy; Social Science Quarterly; Feminist Economics; Monthly Labor Review; the Journal of Policy History; the Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis; and the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management. Her work also appears frequently in popular venues, including The American Prospect; Dissent; and Challenge: A Magazine of Economic Affairs.
Gornick is director of LIS (formerly known as the Luxembourg Income Study), an international data archive and research center based in Luxembourg, and she also heads the LIS Center at the Graduate Center. She has been associated with LIS and has been using LIS data in her research for nearly twenty-five years.