Lía Schwartz
Position: Distinguished Professor
Campus Affiliation: Graduate Center
Phone: (212) 817-8411
Research Interests: Seventeenth-Century Prose and Poetry, Quevedo, Renaissance and Baroque Satire
Lía Schwartz, originally from Argentina, earned her Ph.D. at the University of Illinois. She came to the Graduate Center in 2000 as distinguished professor of Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Literatures and Languages from Dartmouth College, where she held an endowed chair in Spanish, and from 2000 to 2011 served as executive officer of the program. A celebrated scholar in the field of Renaissance and baroque Spanish poetry and prose, Schwartz has special expertise in the works of Francisco de Quevedo (1580–1645), Bartolomé Leonardo de Argensola (1562–1631), and other Renaissance authors, the subjects of her widely published books and articles.
Her books include Metafora y satira en la obra de Quevedo (1984); Quevedo: discurso y representacion (1987); De Fray Luis a Quevedo. Lecturas de los clasicos antiguos (2005); the critical and annotated edition of Quevodo’s satire La Hora de todos y la Fortuna con seso (2009), based on the only extant manuscript, now in the Hispanic Society of America; and Lo ingenioso y lo prudente: Bartolomé Leonardo de Argensola y la sátira  (2013). She has also coauthored two annotated anthologies of Quevedo’s poetry (1989 and 1998) and, more recently, Sátiras menipeas (2011), a critical and annotated edition of Argensola’s Menippean satires. A student of James O. Crosby, Schwartz edited and contributed to a 2004 collection of essays honoring this distinguished Quevedo scholar.
She belongs to the editorial board of many significant national and international journals in her field; was twice elected to the board of the International Association of Golden Age Studies; and served as secretary general of the International Association of Hispanists as secretary general (1992–98) and president (1998–2001).