Marc Edelman
Position: Professor
Program: Anthropology
Campus Affiliation: Graduate Center|Hunter College
Phone: 212-817-8008
Degrees/Diplomas: Ph.D. Columbia University.
Research Interests: Economic and political anthropology, historical anthropology, social movements, development; Latin America
Marc Edelman received his Ph.D. in anthropology from Columbia in 1985. He has worked for more than three decades on rural development issues, agrarian history, and peasant and farmer movements, mostly but not only in Latin America. Edelman has taught or been a visiting researcher at Yale, Fordham, Princeton, Columbia, the Institute for Advanced Study, and the universities of Illinois, Tashkent (Uzbekistan), and Costa Rica, and for briefer periods at Wageningen (Netherlands), Roskilde (Denmark), and the Universidad del Cauca (Colombia), among others.
Edelman is the author of The Logic of the Latifundio (1992; in Spanish, Editorial de la Universidad de Costa Rica, 1996) and Peasants Against Globalization (1999; Editorial de la Universidad de Costa Rica, 2005); coauthor of Social Democracy in the Global Periphery (2007; in Turkish, Phonix Yayinevi, 2012); and coeditor of The Anthropology of Development and Globalization (2005) and Transnational Agrarian Movements Confronting Globalization (2009; in Bahasa Indonesia, Sajogyo Institute, 2010). Edelman currently serves on nine editorial boards: American Ethnologist, Anuario de Estudios Centroamericanos, Critique of Anthropology, Cuadernos de Antropología, Focaal - Journal of Global and Historical Anthropology, Journal of Agrarian Change, Revue TRACE (Travaux et Recherches dans les Amériques du Centre), and Studies in Comparative International Development. He is an associate editor of the Journal of Peasant Studies, which Thomson Reuters now ranks no. 1 among fifty-four indexed international journals in the “Development and Planning” category.  
Edelman’s current research, funded by the National Science Foundation, is on the campaign of transnational agrarian movements to have the United Nations approve a declaration on the rights of peasants.