Professor Miranda Fricker Elected to American Academy of Arts & Sciences

Miranda Fricker

Presidential Professor Miranda Fricker (Philosophy) has been named a member of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences, a society founded in 1780 to “honor exceptionally accomplished individuals and engage them in advancing the public good.” Fricker is among 276 distinguished artists, scholars, scientists, and leaders inducted into the academy in 2020.

One of the world's foremost scholars in social epistemology, ethics, feminist philosophy, and political philosophy. Fricker was appointed to the sector of the academy representing philosophy and religious studies. Her research has shaped contemporary discourse around topics such as epistemic injustice, the epistemology of collectives, and the purposes of blame and forgiveness. Fricker's latest scholarship in moral philosophy will soon be published in her forthcoming monograph, Blaming and Forgiving: The Work of Morality (Oxford University Press).

Submitted on: APR 24, 2020

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