Comparative Literature Alumna Colin Dayan Delivers Provost’s Inaugural Distinguished Alumna/us Lecture

The Graduate Center recently welcomed Colin Dayan (Ph.D. ’80, Comparative Literature) for its inaugural Provost’s Distinguished Alumna/us Lecture.
A leading scholar of Caribbean social history and literature, Dayan gave a talk titled “Up Against the Law, Or, the Impossible Color of Separation.”
Dayan has written widely on prison rights, the legalities of torture, canine profiling, animal law, and the racial dynamics of U.S. practices of punishment, among other topics.
She joined Vanderbilt University in 2004 as Professor of English and Robert Penn Warren Professor in the Humanities. Two years ago, she was also named Professor of Law. 

Watch the video.

Submitted on: MAR 23, 2015

Category: Alumni News