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Introducing President
Robin L. Garrell

She describes her commitment to diversity and inclusion, her vision for public graduate education, and what she’s most looking forward to in her new role.

The CUNY Mapping Service maps areas across the country that have low census response rates

The Dangers of a Shortened Census: Steven Romalewski Weighs In

The director of the CUNY Mapping Service tracks areas of the country that have low census response rates. He shares his expertise on the Census Bureau's recent decision.

A.I. Partners

Will Your Love Last the Test of Time? A.I. May Know

What makes some romantic partnerships last the ages while others fail is one of the greatest mysteries of the human condition. It turns out that artificial intelligence may hold the answer.

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COVID-19 and Reactivation Planning

The Graduate Center is working with CUNY to respond to the effects of COVID-19 on our community.

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