Faculty Book: Patricia J. Brooks

Patricia J. Brooks and Vera Kempe

Language Development
(BPS Blackwell, 2012)

Intended for undergraduates, this textbook emphasizes how language development and social and cognitive development work together to turn children into sophisticated language users—a process that continues well beyond the early years. In covering the breadth of contemporary research on the subject, Brooks and Kempe illustrate the methodological variety and multidisciplinary character of the field, presenting recent findings with reference to major theoretical discussions and incorporating new insights, such as the neurophysiological underpinnings of language, the language processing capabilities of newborns, and the role of genes in regulating this amazing human ability. Throughout the book, readers are given an authentic flavor of the complexities of language development research. Patricia Brooks (Prof., Staten Island) is on the doctoral faculty in psychology and speech–language–hearing sciences.

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Submitted on: OCT 12, 2012

Category: Faculty Books | Psychology | Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences