American Social History Project/Center for Media and Learning Wins NEH Grant of $359,000 for “Bridging Historias” Project

Recognizing the value of community college education, the NEH Division of Education instituted its Bridging Cultures at Community Colleges Initiative in 2011. Five proposals were funded nationwide during its first year. Among only three nationwide to be selected in this year’s round is “Bridging Historias,” a professional development program created by the American Social History Project/Center for Media and Learning (ASHP/CML) in partnership with Queensborough Community College (QCC). The program aims to enhance and expand curricula regarding the contributions of Latinos to American history in community colleges. NEH is lending support with a cooperative agreement award of $359,000 over thirty months, beginning March 2013.

The project’s activities include a seminar series, online and mentoring programs for faculty and a program aimed at academic administrators. The resources developed will include curricular materials for community college students, annotated bibliographies, primary document collections, and historiographic essays, made available through an instructional website. A culminating conference will feature the award-winning Latino studies scholar, Professor Vicki Ruiz, herself a community college graduate and now dean of the School of Humanities, University of California–Irvine.

Acting as principal investigator of “Bridging Historias” is Pennee Bender; working with her from ASHP/CML are Donna Thompson Ray and Andrea Ades Vásquez. QCC Associate Dean Michelle Cuomo will lead the administrators program and faculty mentors will be guided by QCC history Professor Megan Elias. Also among the project personnel are sixteen U.S. humanities and Latino studies scholars.

The curriculum development project will include thirty-six participants. Applications in the form of teams of two to four are open to community college faculty members within commuting distance. Twelve to eighteen community colleges could be accommodated; one administrator must accompany each team. For application information, please contact Donna Thompson Ray at or visit the Bridging Historias home page.

Submitted on: DEC 7, 2012

Category: Center for Media and Learning