CUNY Commons Group: MALS

Dear MALS Community,

In a creative effort to build community within the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies Community, we are asking students to sign up for the CUNY Academic Commons. So here’s the scoop in the form of the 5 Ws…

Who? We, you, us. MALS Students can join the student group to create forums, discussions, share information, tips for surviving graduate school intact, events in the New York City area, and more. The MALS group access is limited to STUDENTS only, so that means students can feel free use their own rhetoric and engage in relevant conversation amongst peers.

What? CUNY Commons is a social network site specifically designed for CUNY students.

Where? Good question! Here:

When? 24/7, because we’re dealing with the inter-webs of course…

Why? The objective of this group is to build community through discussion, outreach, events/courses/complaints/accomplishments, share readings/share information, and generally get in touch with one another. It’s YOUR website, it’s YOUR forum, so use it as you see fit.

Submitted on: OCT 18, 2012

Category: Liberal Studies