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The PSC Environmental Health and Safety Watchdogs’ 2013 “We Are in This Together Award” went to DPH students Sonia Gonz├ílez (Community, Society, and Health) and Michael Schmeltz (Environmental and Occupational Health), both from the 2009 cohort, as well as Lisa Cowan, president of Red Hook Initiative’s board of directors, for their presentation “Red Hook After Sandy: A Critical Analysis of a Community-based Organization’s Response” at the Twelfth Annual Nature Ecology and Society Colloquium, held at the Graduate Center.  This award is given to an individual or group that strives to involve the community.

Sonia Gonz├ílez was also given the New Media Lab’s History and Public Health Award for her digital project “Where Can I Get an HIV Test?”

Along with DPH faculty members Jack Caravanos and Frank Mirer, DPH student Bill Sothern (Environmental and Occupational Health, 2010 Cohort) presented “Evaluating the Effectiveness of Mold Remediation Methods Post-Superstorm Sandy” on the panel for environmental assessment, laboratory methods, control, and remediation at the 7th International Conference and Training Meeting of the Fungal Research Group Foundation in Galloway, New Jersey, March 13–15.

Bill Cabin (Health Policy and Management, 2011 Cohort) will present two papers at the 2013 Society for the Study of Social Problems (SSSP) Annual Meeting, August 9–11, here in New York: “Owning Home Care: Consequences of a Managed Care Model for Patient Quality,” for a program on Health Services and Health Policy; and “Who Rules Home Care? The Impact of Privatization on Profitability, Cost, and Quality” for a program on Critical Dialogues: How Do You Make Claims for Social Welfare in the Era of Neoliberalism?

The following five DPH students won a GC Doctoral Student Research Grant. Following the awardee’s name, track, and cohort are the name of his or her faculty mentor and the title of his or her research project:

Anna Divney (Community, Society, and Health, 2010 Cohort), Mary Clare Lennon, “Learning and Employing Structural Equation Modeling to Examine the Pathways between Parental Stress and Birth Outcomes”

Sungwoo Lim (Epidemiology, 2010 Cohort), Lorna Thorpe, “Neighborhood Contributions to Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Obesity among New York City Adults”

Michael Schmeltz (Environmental and Occupational Health, 2009 Cohort), Grace Sembajwe, “Risk Factors and Costs Influencing Hospitalizations Due to Heat-Related Illnesses: Patterns of Hospitalization Use During Heat Events”

Justin Swearingen (Health Policy and Management, 2010 Cohort), Shoshanna Sofaer, “Community Benefit Activities of Private, Nonprofit Hospitals”

Christina Ventura-DiPersia (Epidemiology, 2010 Cohort), Diana Romero, “Exploring OB/GYN Physicians’ Perceptions of Risk Associated with Cesarean Delivery among Low-Risk Women in New York’s Lower Hudson Valley”

Submitted on: MAR 13, 2013

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