In Memoriam: Terry Samuels

Terry Samuels died on March 9, 2013. Mrs. Samuels was appointed to the Mina Rees Library on September 29, 1975, and retired on January 28, 2003, after more than twenty-seven years of service. A much loved and highly valued member of the library’s catalog section, she contributed substantially to the development and maintenance of the Mina Rees Library card catalog, from its days as a physical entity to its becoming part of the CUNY online catalog. Mrs. Samuels was extremely motivated and, while serving Graduate Center students and members of the doctoral faculty in the library, was also taking classes at Queens College, earning her B.A. and M.A. in library science, in 1987 and 1990, respectively. The numerous professional organizations of which she was a member included the Special Libraries Association, the New York Technical Services Librarians, the Association of College and Research Libraries/N.Y., and the CUNY Library Association.

Submitted on: APR 3, 2013

Category: General GC News