Faculty Book: Randolph Braham

Randolph L. Braham, ed.

The Geographical Encyclopedia of the Holocaust in Hungary
(Northwestern University Press, 2013)

Geographical Encyclopedia of the Holocaust in HungaryThis illustrated three-volume encyclopedia is a magisterial resource, thorough and exhaustive, chronicling the wartime fate of the Jewish communities in that country where virulent anti-Semitism is anything but dead, even today. With scores of detailed maps and hundreds of photographs, this reference work is organized alphabetically by county, each prefaced with a map and a con­textual history describing its Jewish population up to and into 1944. Entries track the demographic, cultural, and religious changes in even the smallest communities where Jews lived before their marginalization, dispossession, ghettoization, and, finally, deportation to labor and death camps. The encyclope­dia endows scholars and lay researchers with both panoramic and microscopic views of the virtually last-minute destruction of most of the Jews of Hungary, until then the last sizable sur­viving Jewish community in occupied Europe. Randolph Braham is distinguished professor emeritus of political science and director of the Rosenthal Institute for Holocaust Studies at the Graduate Center.

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Submitted on: MAY 28, 2013

Category: Faculty Books | Political Science | Rosenthal Institute for Holocaust Studies