Faculty Book: Janet Gornick

Janet Gornick and Markus Jäntti, eds.

Income Inequality: Economic Disparities and the Middle Class in Affluent Countries
(Stanford University Press, 2013)
This state-of-the-art volume presents comparative, empirical research on a topic that has long preoccupied scholars, politicians, and everyday citizens: economic inequality. While income and wealth inequality across all populations is the primary focus, the contributions to this book pay special attention to the middle class, a segment often not addressed in inequality literature. The research also casts important light on how economic inequality affects and is affected by gender disparities, labor markets, institutions, and politics. Written by leading scholars in the field of economic inequality, all seventeen chapters draw on microdata from the databases of LIS, an esteemed cross-national data center based in Luxembourg. Using LIS data to structure a comparative approach, the contributors paint a complex portrait of inequality across affluent countries at the beginning of the twenty-first century. The volume also presents groundbreaking research into inequality in countries newly entering the LIS databases, including Japan, Iceland, India, and South Africa. Janet Gornick (Prof., GC) serves on the doctoral faculty in political science and sociology.

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Submitted on: JUL 24, 2013

Category: Faculty Books | Political Science | Sociology