Faculty News: Abramovitz Receives Leadership Award

Mimi Abramovitz, professor of social welfare at the Graduate Center and Bertha Capen Reynolds Professor of Social Policy at Silberman School of Social Work, in April received the Humanitarian and Leadership Award for Contributions in the Field of Social Work, Women, and Human Rights from the Association for International Conferences. She received the award at the International Conference on Education, Sustainable Development, Leadership and Policy, at which she also gave a keynote address.
In addition, Abramovitz participated in two keynote panels, on “Leading to Economic Security” at the National Council for Research on Women in March, and on the “Politics of Austerity” at the Brookings Institute in May. She also presented papers at the Historical Materialism Conference in April and at Lund University in Sweden in June.  

Submitted on: JUL 22, 2013

Category: Social Welfare