Faculty Book: Anahí Viladrich

Anahí Viladrich

More Than Two to Tango
(University of Arizona Press, 2013)
The world of Argentine tango presents a glamorous façade of music and movement. Yet the immigrant artists whose livelihoods depend on the U.S. tango industry receive little attention beyond their enigmatic public personas. This book offers a detailed portrait of Argentine immigrants for whom tango is both an art form and a means of survival, as well as addressing broader questions on the understudied role of informal networks in the entertainment field. Through the voices of both early generations of immigrants and the latest wave of newcomers, Viladrich reveals a diverse community navigating issues of identity, class, and race as they struggle with practical concerns, such as the high cost of living in New York City and affordable health care. She also considers Argentina’s social history in exploring their current unified front to keep tango as their own “authentic” expression. Anahí Viladrich (Assoc. Prof., Queens) serves on the doctoral faculty in public health.

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Submitted on: OCT 4, 2013

Category: Faculty Books