Mourning the Loss of Jock Young

The Criminal Justice PhD Program Mourns the Loss of Jock Young, Distinguished Professor of Criminal Justice and Sociology

Jock’s lifetime of significant intellectual contributions to the field of criminology was recognized most recently (2012) by the British Society of Criminology Outstanding Achievement Award. He first came to international attention in 1973 with his book The New Criminology, and he continued to publish groundbreaking work until his death. His newly published The Criminological Imagination was the concluding volume of a trilogy that also includes The Exclusive Society (1999) and the Vertigo of Late Modernity (2007). This trilogy has been translated into eleven languages in fifteen countries, a tribute to his international prominence and the importance of critical criminology, a focus within criminology of which Jock was the undisputed leader. He was a beloved member of our community, and he will be sorely missed.

Submitted on: NOV 20, 2013

Category: Criminal Justice