Karen Lyness Published in Applied Psychology

Karen S. Lyness, professor of psychology, was published in the January 2014 issue of Applied Psychology. Her article, “Gender Egalitarianism and Work–Life Balance for Managers: Multisource Perspectives in 36 Countries,” discusses important implications of work-life balance for both personal well-being and work-related outcomes.

The study investigated gender differences in multisource ratings of work–life balance, based on self-reports and supervisors' appraisals of 40,921 managers in 36 countries. Lyness' study found that supervisors tend to view their female employees as less able to balance work and life responsibilities than their male counterparts, especially in countries with low levels of gender equality.

HR Magazine also published an article, "Managers Show Gender Bias In Views on Work/Life Balance," on Lyness' study.

Submitted on: NOV 27, 2013

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