In Memoriam: Jean Anyon

Jean Anyon, 72, professor of urban education at the Graduate Center, died of cancer on September 7, 2013. Professor Anyon studied the web of socioeconomic factors that affect public schools and inspired both her students and the activists who shared her passion for public education. An internationally recognized scholar, she wrote Ghetto Schooling (1997) and Radical Possibilities (2005), which have become part of the education canon. Her more recent works, Theory and Educational Research (2009) and Marx and Education (2011), along with numerous journal articles, represent major contributions to the body of literature within the field. Anyon earned a Ph.D. in education and psycholinguistics from New York University and served on the doctoral faculty at Rutgers for twenty-five years, until she came to the Graduate Center in 2001. In recognition of her scholarly work, in 2010 she was awarded the American Educational Research Association Lifetime Achievement Award and won election to the American Educational Research Association Fellows group. A scholarship fund has been established in her name.

Submitted on: SEP 10, 2013

Category: General GC News | Urban Education