Doctoral Faculty and Student Present at Society for Social Work Research Conference

A number of our doctoral faculty and students will be presenting at the Society for Social Work Research Conference in San Antonio, Texas, in January 2014. 

Professor Mimi Abramovitz
Place Matters: Mapping Community Loss As a New Social Indicator

Professors Irwin Epstein and Marina Lalayants
The Potential of Clinical Data-Mining in Evidence-Based Practice Knowledge-Building

Professor Kristin Ferguson-Colvin
Correlates of Transience Among Homeless Young Adults

Keren Bachi (recent doctoral graduate)
An Equine-Facilitated Prison Based Program: Effects On Recidivism

Associate Dean Daniel Herman
Dissemination and Implementation of Critical Time Intervention: A Randomized Trial Comparing Online and Face-to-Face Training

Jagadisa-devasri Dacus (pre-doctoral student)
Sustained Seronegativity Among Black MSM in NYC: The Neg4Life Pilot Study

In addition Amy Smoyer and Jama Shelton and will be receiving dissertation awards at the plenary session Presidential Plenary and Awards Presentation

Submitted on: JAN 13, 2014

Category: Social Welfare