Economics Student Receives $150,000 for Project in China

Luz SalasDoctoral candidate Luz Salas has won a $150,000 grant from Asian Development Bank (ADB), which is dedicated to fighting poverty in Asia and the Pacific region, for her project “Social Capabilities Opening the Door for Savings and Entrepreneurship Among Children and Youth” with Joanne Yoong (National University of Singapore; CESR-East, University of Southern California) and Nina Hansen and Robert Lensik (University of Groningen, Netherlands). The project, which aims “to develop sustainable financial capabilities and build up social capital for children and youth” in six provinces in China, evaluates two different savings strategies: individual saving, to encourage students to achieve their private financial goals, and group saving into a social fund, which supports a public commitment to financial plans.

Over the past two years, Salas and various colleagues have also received four grants, totaling $43,330, from Citi-IPA (City Foundation’s Innovations for Poverty Action), and her project “Public vs. Private Mental Accounts: Experimental evidence from savings groups in Colombia” received $50,000 from Todas Cuentan in 2012.

Submitted on: FEB 3, 2014

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