Art History Student Alise Tifentale Explores the Selfie Phenomenom

As part of the Selfiecity Instagram project team, Art History student Alise Tifentale looks at the selfie phenomenon in her essay, The Selfie: Making sense of the “Masturbation of Self-Image” and the “Virtual Mini-Me.” The essay reviews some of the most recent debates on the selfie phenomenon and places it into a broader context of photographic self-portraiture, investigating how the Instagrammed selfie differs from its precursors. The Selfie phenomenon should be viewed in the light of history of photography as a sub-genre of self-portraiture and as a new subject of vernacular photography studies as well as treated as a side product of technological developments that have led to the easy availability of image-making devices and image-sharing platforms.

Submitted on: FEB 19, 2014

Category: Art History | Voices of the GC