Noted Economist Paul Krugman to Join Graduate Center Faculty in 2015

Paul Krugman; Photo credit: Fred R. ConradThe Graduate Center, City University of New York, announced today that Nobel laureate Paul Krugman, professor of economics and international affairs at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University, will be joining the faculty of the Graduate Center as professor in the Ph.D. Program in Economics and distinguished scholar at the Graduate Center’s Luxembourg Income Study Center. Krugman, who will be nominated for the position of distinguished professor, the university’s highest honor, is a noted op-ed columnist for the New York Times. He will be based in New York City and will continue both his biweekly column and his popular blog, “The Conscience of a Liberal.” Krugman’s appointment as distinguished scholar will be effective in July 2014, and his faculty appointment in August 2015.

Chase F. Robinson, interim president of the Graduate Center, welcomed Krugman’s move to the Graduate Center. “Professor Krugman’s contributions to economic theory are as foundational as his regular critiques of current affairs are trenchant. The Graduate Center is internationally known for its culture of interdisciplinary and collaborative research and Ph.D. training, and nowhere are the quantitative and cultural markers of inequality more systematically addressed than by our social scientists. We are delighted that he will be joining our economics program and the Luxembourg Income Study Center, where we are assembling a remarkable community of scholars and students. Our students will benefit enormously from his teaching, which will cover diverse topics.”

Krugman’s move reflects his ongoing interest in inequality, a core research focus of the Luxembourg Income Study Center (LIS Center), the research, development, and administrative satellite of LIS, the renowned data archive located in Luxembourg. At the LIS Center, he will join LIS director Janet Gornick, professor of political science and sociology at the Graduate Center, and senior scholar Branko Milanovic, formerly lead economist at the World Bank, both of whom have written extensively on topics related to inequality. Research carried out at the LIS Center draws heavily on data available through LIS’s two databases: its signature income database, which contains detailed data on income from nearly fifty countries, and a newer and smaller one that is focused on household wealth and debt. These databases enable research on income inequality, family poverty, labor market disparities, and debt accumulation, as well as the economic and social policies that influence those outcomes.

“As a public intellectual and one of the most influential economists today, Paul Krugman brings to the Graduate Center a broad perspective that fits perfectly with the LIS Center’s focus on interdisciplinary inquiry,” noted Gornick. “I am thrilled that he is coming to join our team. His interest in the policies and institutions that shape economic disparities beautifully complements the existing body of research based on the LIS data.”

Submitted on: FEB 28, 2014

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