Faculty Book: Thomas C. Spear

Colette Boucher and Thomas C. Spear, eds.

Paroles et silences chez Marie-Célie Agnant: L’oublieuse mémoire d’Haïti
(Karthala, 2013)
Twelve contributors offer diverse perspectives on the work of Agnant, a Canadian author of Haitian origin, as “a voice against the silences” of Haitian history—silences surrounding women, racism and slavery, injustice and impunity. The essays explore, with the writer, gray areas in Haitian and world history and delve into the complexity of an oeuvre that includes poetry, novels, and children’s books and that crosses the borders of time and territory. The volume underscores Agnant’s importance as a multicultural, francophone author of the twenty-first century. In French. Thomas C. Spear (Prof., Lehman) serves on the doctoral faculty in French.

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Submitted on: JUN 10, 2014

Category: Faculty Books | French