Saul Kripke Enters Agreement to Keep Archive of Philosophical Work at the GC

Saul KripkeThe Graduate Center has begun a fifteen-year agreement with noted logician and philosopher Saul Kripke to curate and preserve the Kripke Archive. The archive is Kripke's collection of original philosophical and academic works, housed in the Saul Kripke Center within the Graduate Center.

“The Philosophy Program is thrilled to have secured Professor Kripke's archive at the Saul Kripke Center,” noted Professor Iakovos Vasiliou, executive officer of the Graduate Center’s Ph.D. Program in Philosophy. “This is an invaluable resource not only for the philosophy faculty and graduate students at the Graduate Center but for the international philosophical community as a whole, who will no doubt study Kripke's work for decades to come.” 

Kripke, distinguished professor in the Ph.D. Programs in Philosophy and Computer Science and author of pioneering works in logic, metaphysics, epistemology, and the philosophy of language, is considered one of the greatest living philosophers. Michael Devitt, distinguished professor of philosophy, says, "This distinction, together with the fact that about 70 percent of Saul's work has not been published, make his archive the most valuable philosophical archive in the world." After the initial fifteen-year term, the loan agreement is expected to continue in five-year increments.

Submitted on: JUN 23, 2014

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