Politico Coverage of Paul Attewell's Graduation Study

Politico.com “Morning Education” newsletter, 8.7.14
Attending a more or less selective college doesn’t necessarily affect a student’s graduation prospects, according to a new study published today in the American Education Research Journal. The study’s findings question the idea that students attending more academically rigorous institutions are more likely to graduate. “Our results indicate that it’s important not to overemphasize the idea that academically selective institutions, as measured by admissions test scores, somehow have a ‘secret sauce’ that gets students to graduate disproportionately relative to their background characteristics,” study co-author Paul Attewell said. The study also found that a school’s net cost has a slight effect on graduation rates: For every additional $1,000 charged in tuition, the probability of graduation increased by a fraction of a percent.

Submitted on: AUG 7, 2014

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