Psychology Alumna Kendra Brewster wins 2014 Dissertation Research Award

Kendra Brewster, a recent alumna of our Critical Social/Personality program, has just received the 2014 Dissertation Research Award from the International Association for Research on Service-learning and Community Engagement Dissertation. Her dissertation was titled:  “Between sites: Critical convergences at the personal, interpersonal, and institutional levels in a service learning course.” She has just taken a new position as Project Facilitator for the Eskolta School of Research & Design, which is described on their web site as “a New York State not-for-profit corporation dedicated to helping educators reinvent schools to make learning more meaningful through evaluation and design. We work with schools, school districts, and nonprofit agencies to develop, test, implement, and codify effective practices for innovatively engaging adolescents in school and preparing them for meaningful career, community involvement, college success, and engaged citizenship.”

Submitted on: AUG 26, 2014

Category: Psychology