James Gallery Presents "Observed Ratios"

Caitlin Masley, Symmetric Tectonics2 (ode to patch dynamics), 2013. Site-specific installation, The James Gallery. Pigment acrylics, spray paint, and whiteout with hand-cut foamcore. Photo: Carrie Kinsella. Courtesy the James Gallery, The Graduate Center, CUNY.

What do the visual principles of modernism look like today in the hands of contemporary artists? Observed Ratios, on view at the Graduate Center’s James Gallery from August 14 to October 19, presents three contemporary New York artists, Shoshana Dentz, Caitlin Masley, and Seher Shah, whose practices are grounded in drawing but extend to diverse media such as painting, installation, sculpture, and photography.

Dentz focuses intently on the artistic process of observation as she investigates enclosures and containers from uncertain viewpoints. Masley and Shah expand beyond the current fascination with modern architecture, crafting their own personal preoccupation with the rigor of brutalist forms and imagination of different futures.
The opening reception on September 5, from 5 to 7 pm, is free and open to the public.

Submitted on: AUG 16, 2013

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