Faculty Book: Domna C. Stanton

Domna C. Stanton

The Dynamics of Gender in Early Modern France
(Ashgate, 2014)

Across six case studies, Stanton adds a new dimension to early modern French literary and cultural studies. The book features essays on the construction of women: three in texts by male writers (Racine, Fénelon, Poulain de la Barre) and three by female writers (La Guette, La Fayette and Sévigné). These studies also take up different genres: satire, tragedy, and treatise; memoir, novella, and letter-writing. Since gender is a relational construct, each chapter considers specific textual and contextual representations of men. In every instance, Stanton looks for signs of conformity to—and deviations from—normative gender scripts, engaging both contemporary critical theory and literary historical readings of primary texts and established concepts in the field. Domna Stanton is a distinguished professor of French at the Graduate Center.

Submitted on: OCT 10, 2014

Category: Faculty Books | French