Alexandra Logue on ‘Overlooked’ Transfer Students in Inside Higher Ed Essay

Alexandra W. Logue
, a research professor in the GC’s Center for Advanced Study in Education (CASE), spotlights a “frequently ignored” group — transfer students — in a new Inside Higher Ed essay.
Among the most urgent priorities are attending to data concerning graduation rates, incentivizing colleges to help these students graduate, and facilitating credit transfer, according to Logue.
“If we ignore transfer students, we are continuing to disadvantage many students who have been disadvantaged all their lives,” she writes.
An internationally known behavioral scientist, Logue has published more than 130 articles, chapters, and books on higher education, quantitative models of choice behavior, and food aversions and preferences. From 2008 to 2014, she served as the chief academic officer of the CUNY system.
In August, Inside Higher Ed highlighted a study co-authored by Logue that compared how students performed in traditional remedial mathematics.

Submitted on: NOV 24, 2014

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