Lev Manovich Named One of 2014’s Most Influential by The Verge

Professor Lev Manovich (Computer Science) has been named to “The Verge 50,” an annual list of the most influential and interesting figures in technology, art, science, and culture.

“Manovich has become one of the smartest voices on the way we interact with computers,” according to the technology news and media network, which has over 37 million monthly visitors.   

Academic leaders from Harvard, Duke, and MIT were also named to the list. Other luminaries include a 2014 Nobel Peace Prize winner; CEOs of Apple, Tesla, Yahoo, Amazon, Microsoft, and YouTube; and entertainers such as Beyonce and Stephen Colbert.

Editors highlighted Manovich’s most recent project, “The Exceptional & The Everyday: 144 Hours in Kiev,” which uses data visualizations to explore patterns in more than 13,000 images shared during confrontations between demonstrators and Ukrainian government forces. The first of its kind to focus on the visual medium of Instagram, the study also presents everyday life against the backdrop of an unfolding uprising and political revolution.

Submitted on: DEC 9, 2014

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