Diana Diamond Receives International Research Award for Psychotherapy Paper

Professor Diana Diamond (City College/GC, Psychology) recently received the 2014 Research Award from the International Society for Transference Focused Psychotherapy (ISTFP) for her paper on patients with co-morbid borderline and narcissistic personality disorder (full reference below).
The award recognizes scientific work on transference-focused psychotherapy, a form of therapy that focuses on the patient/therapist relationship as a window into the patient's personality structure, ultimately to effect changes in both symptoms and personality organization.
Diamond (at right, with presenter John Clarkin, Ph.D., of Weill Cornell Medical College) presented a lecture based on her paper at the ISTFP conference in Parma, Italy last October. She is the inaugural recipient of the award, which includes a €1,000 prize.
Founded in September 2011, the Society is committed to the development, research, application, and dissemination of TFP.
Diamond, D., Levy, K. N., Clarkin, J. F., Fischer-Kern, M., Cain, N. M., Doering, S., Hörz, S., & Buchheim, A. (2014). Attachment and mentalization in female patients with comorbid narcissistic and borderline personality disorder. Personality Disorders: Theory, Research, and Treatment, 5(4), 428–433. doi:10.1037/per0000065

Submitted on: JAN 7, 2015

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