Matthew Gold Announces 'Debates in the Digital Humanities' Book Series

Professor Matthew K. Gold (NYCCT/GC, English) recently announced the Debates in the Digital Humanities Series (University of Minnesota Press), a new book series highlighting key tensions that are shaping the emerging field of digital humanities (DH).

As series editor, Gold will collaborate with associate series editor Lauren F. Klein (English, 2011) on the project’s two major components: the Debates in the Digital Humanities Annual, which will highlight key work in the field each year, and additional books focused on special topics that warrant more extended discussion.

The announcement comes three years after the publication of Debates in the Digital Humanities, an influential work that brought together leading figures in DH to explore theories, methods, and practices. The new series will identify ideas and discussions as they emerge, as well as provide a platform through which conversations can unfold and be preserved.

Like the original Debates volume – published both in print and online through an innovative web platform – the series will continue to experiment with hybrid venues of scholarly publishing that bridge print and digital forms. After undergoing multiple processes of peer review, essays will be published first on the open-access interactive web platform, and then anthologized in print, e-book, and serial forms. Special guest-edited volumes will be published simultaneously on the OA platform with print, e-book, and serial formats.

Gold also serves on the faculty of the GC’s Master of Arts in Liberal Studies Program and the ITP and American Studies Doctoral Certificate programs.

Read more about the series, including how to submit proposals for individual essay contributions or future special volumes.

Submitted on: JAN 9, 2015

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