Minnesota Orchestra Performs Composition by Student Polina Nazaykinskaya (Music Composition)

A symphonic poem by doctoral student Polina Nazaykinskaya (Music Composition) was recently performed by the Minnesota Orchestra.
Nazaykinskaya’s first symphonic work, Winter Bells was inspired by a visit to an old village in the Volga region of Russia, her homeland.
The piece, which was performed alongside works by Mozart and Sergei Prokofiev, “sometimes sounded as peaceful as a snow-covered village, other times cinematically sweeping and surging, then exploding with fury,” according to a review in the Pioneer Press. The piece debuted at the Minnesota Orchestra’s annual Composer Institute in 2010, and was recorded that year by Sony Music Russia.

“Each piece of music that I write comes from the depth of my heart,” Nazaykinskaya wrote in her notes to the Minnesota Orchestra’s program. “Just as a sculptor who frees the elusive figures from the block of marble by cutting away all that is unnecessary, I find myself carving out the musical notes from the inspiration that visits me and calls me to compose.”

Nazaykinskaya studied piano, violin, and flute as a child, and went on to study violin and composition while a teenager at the Moscow Conservatory. She is currently studying with Distinguished Professor Tania León (Music).

Submitted on: FEB 2, 2015

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