Role-Playing History Game Co-Developed by Center for Media and Learning Debuts Online

A new role-playing history game co-developed by a team of historians and educators at the Graduate Center’s American Social History Project/Center for Media & Learning (ASHP/CML) launched on February 11 on
City of Immigrants,” the fourth interactive experience in WNET’s award-winning Mission US series, allows players to take the role of Lena Brodsky, a Jewish teenager who recently immigrated to New York City from Russia. The year is 1907, and Lena, who lives with her family in the Lower East Side, finds herself in the middle of the growing labor movement. The game was developed in partnership with the Lower East Side Tenement Museum.
Mission US was designed to engage middle and high school students in U.S. history. All of the games are free. Previous games in the series put participants in the role of a 14-year-old Boston printer’s apprentice in 1770, a 14-year-old enslaved young woman who escapes to the North in 1848, and a fictional member of a Northern Cheyenne tribe who must adapt to westward expansion in 1866.
ASHP/CML produces print, visual, and multimedia materials that explore the social and cultural history of the United States. Read more.

Submitted on: FEB 13, 2015

Category: General GC News