LIS Awarded $1.5 Million National Science Foundation Grant

The Luxembourg Income Study Center, led by Professor Janet Gornick (Political Science/Sociology) continues to attract significant attention and support, reflected in a recent $1.5 million award from the National Science Foundation. The five-year grant further reinforces LIS, an international data archive and research center and one of the world’s most powerful resources for information.
The grant supports LIS’s development of cross-national income and wealth databases through 2018. LIS gathers datasets from more than 50 countries and harmonizes this information so it can be meaningfully compared across nations and over time. LIS is based in Luxembourg and has a satellite office at the GC, both directed by Gornick.
“We are grateful for these funds, which are — along with all the other country contributions — the financial base of LIS’ general operating costs,” said Gornick. “These funds allow us to do the work that we do: acquire, harmonize, document, and make available data to researchers all over the world.”
LIS receives financial contributions from about 18 countries, and has been funded by the NSF for close to 30 years. For more about LIS and its unique database, see the newest issue of Faculty Features.

Submitted on: FEB 13, 2015

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