Donatella Galella (Ph.D. 2015, Theatre) Featured in Continuum and Theatre Journal

Donatella Galella (Ph.D. 2015, Theatre) recently published an award-winning essay on the musicalization of A Raisin in the Sun, an interest that took firm root at the Graduate Center.

“Coursework and public events, namely those by the Revolutionizing American Studies initiative, challenged me to consider cultural productions in the field of power and to reshape my politics and aesthetics," Galella said.

Titled Playing in the Dark/Musicalizing A Raisin in the Sun,” her essay appears in Continuum, the prestigious journal on African diaspora performing arts. Galella delves into the history of Arena Stage, the pioneering regional theatre of Washington, D.C.
“[The play] was tamed… into a popular, feel-good black musical that the predominantly white audience welcomed in the wake of radical racial politics, war, and the economic downturn,” she wrote.

Galella, whose research covers the intersections of capital, race, and nation in African American and Asian American theatre, will soon publish a second essay in Theatre Journal on Arena’s multiracial production of Oklahoma! She is the Dramaturge-in-Residence of Leviathan Lab, an Asian American creative studio.

The Graduate Center’s Ph.D. Program in Theatre gave me rigorous training in theatre history and professionalization,” said Galella (pictured), who is scheduled to receive her diploma in May.

Her adviser, Judith Milhous, provided much-needed guidance on writing, publishing, and the job market, Galella added.

“At the same time, my colleagues formed the Mentoring Future Faculty of Color Project to help one another navigate the structures of the academy and to build a supportive community,” she said.

Galella has taught theatre at Baruch College and the New School, speech at Brooklyn College, and English at Hostos Community College. In the fall, she will join the Theatre, Film, and Digital Production Department at the University of California, Riverside, as an Assistant Professor.


Submitted on: APR 3, 2015

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