Ph.D. Candidate in Economics Awarded Horowitz Foundation Grants

Ph.D. candidate Ruirui Sun (Economics) was awarded a grant of $7,500 by the Horowitz Foundation for Social Policy to support her dissertation research. Sun will also receive an Eli Ginzberg Award of $1,500 from the foundation.

Sun’s dissertation, “The Effect of Health Information Technology on Hospital Efficiency and Quality of Care,” examines the effects of IT system implementation on U.S. hospitals, focusing on issues such as length of patient stays, inpatient mortality rate, and avoidable hospital readmissions. The federal government currently provides $25.9 billion in subsidies to support IT implementation in hospitals.

Sun presented one of her dissertation papers at the 2014 annual Workshop on Health IT & Economics (WHITE) in Washington. She plans to present results from two other dissertation papers at this year’s Academy Health Annual Research Meeting in Minneapolis.

Submitted on: JUN 2, 2015

Category: Economics | Student News