The Writers' Institute Celebrates Informal Graduation during End of the Year Bash

Last night at The Writers’ Institute, students current, former, and prospective came together the CUNY Graduate Center’s Skylight room to enjoy the Institute’s end of year party and informal graduation ceremony. Founder and director Andre Aciman introduced the readers, opening the ceremony with stories of writers who went forward from the Institute to be featured in publications like Granta, to be quoted in the New York Times, and to sign publication contracts for novels. After getting to know each other over wine, soft drinks, cheese, fruit, and sushi, writers from various nationalities and cultural backgrounds took turns presenting work that ranged from romance, adventure novel, memoir, and comedy. All readings were received with great enthusiasm and applause. The evening offered the writers an opportunity to connect with one another after a hard year of labor and showcase their talents, and pieces they had to show for after a year working closely with the editors at the Institute, and to show prospective students what the Institute is made of. The collaborative spirit and support shown through out was a testament to how having a community and the support of those in the industry allows writerly talent to thrive.

The Writers’ Institute starts another year in the of Fall 2013. Check our website for details.

Submitted on: MAY 7, 2013

Category: The Writers' Institute at The Graduate Center