Recent Faculty Publications and Achievements

Bill Kornblum wrote a short article in Metropolitics about the work he has been doing in Marseille  that includes a video.   

Bryan Turner just published a revised article on the sociology of generations with S.N.Eisenstadt, a rare honor for a Sociologist!
Marnia Lazreg had three recent achievements:
- A new book, "La Guerre d'Algérie Revisitée," edited by A. Kadri, M. Bouazi and T. Quemeneur, and published by Karthala (Paris), contains a chapter she wrote in French. Title of the chapter:  l'Organisation militaire du savoir et le rêve d'un sujet colonial nouveau."
- She gave a paper entitled "Tinkering with the Enlightenment:  Foucault's Struggles with Kant," at a Graduate Center conference, "The enlightenment and its Other Trajectories," April 22, 2015. 
- Her recent publication includes "Foucault's Tunisian Heterotopia," CELAAN (Review of the Center for the Studies of the Literature and Arts of North Africa), vol. XII, No. 1 and 2, Spring 2015.
Sam Roberts included David Halle’s new book New York's New Edge: Contemporary Art, the High Line, and Urban Megaprojects on the Far West Side in his column in NYT.
Pam Stone was quoted in this front-page story in NYT.  

Bill Helmreich continues to receive quite a lot of press and media attention for his book, The New York Nobody Knows, including write-ups in The New Yorker and even some YouTube videos. Check out the links below:
link 1   link 2   link 3   link 4    link 5    link 6   link 7
Pyong Gap Min and Sou Hyun Jang recently published “The Diversity of Asian Immigrants’ Participation in Religious Institutions in the United States” in Sociology of Religion 76 (2015), 253-274.
Jim Jasper had five recent publications:
- James M. Jasper, Protest: A Cultural Introduction to Social Movements. Polity Press, 2014. One chapter uses the animal rights movement as an illustrative case.
- Jeff Goodwin and James M. Jasper, eds., The Social Movements Reader. Wiley-Blackwell, 2014. Third edn.
- James M. Jasper and Jan Willem Duyvendak, eds., Players and Arenas. Amsterdam University Press, 2015. Inaugural book in their new series, Protest and Social Movements.
- Jan Willem Duyvendak and James M. Jasper, eds., Breaking Down the State. Amsterdam University Press, 2915.
- Aidan McGarry and James M. Jasper, eds., The Identity Dilemma: Social Movements and Collective Identities. Temple University Press, 2015.
Steve Steinberg has an article in the current issue of the Boston Review on The Moynihan Report at Fifty: The Long Reach of Intellectual Racism. Click to read.
Richard Alba and Guillermo Yrizar Barbosa’s recent article “Room at the top? Minority mobility and the transition to demographic diversity in the USA” in Ethnic and Racial Studies is available online:
Sam Farber wrote a piece titled “From Open Door to Open Border” in Jacobin

Submitted on: OCT 14, 2015

Category: Sociology