Recent Alumni News

Jane McAlevey’s paper was awarded the “Best Grad Student Paper” by the Labor Section of the ASA at the Chicago annual meeting.

Colin Jerolmack has been promoted to Associate Professor with tenure at NYU.

Ron Nerio has accepted a position as a Research Associate in the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research. He was an adjunct for many years, then a postdoc at Fordham before accepting this new positon.    

Angelique Harris has been promoted to Associate Professor with tenure in the department of social and cultural sciences here at Marquette. She also has been named Director of the Center for Gender and Sexualities Studies and Director of the Women and Gender Studies Program at Marquette.

Betsy Wissinger, (aka Elizabeth) has a new book: This Year’s Model: Fashion, Media, and the Making of Glamour (NYU Press, 2015); it is available at Amazon.

Submitted on: OCT 14, 2015

Category: Sociology