Luke Waltzer Discusses Mellon Grant on WABC-TV

Professor Luke Waltzer, director of the GC’s Teaching and Learning Center (TLC), recently appeared on WABC-TV’s “Tiempo” program to discuss the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation’s major grant to the Graduate Center.
Conversation focused on how the award will support professional development for GC students, as well as the teaching of humanities to LaGuardia Community College students, who come from more than 100 countries.
The Mellon initiative complements the TLC’s goal of preparing Ph.D. students to enter classrooms as the best possible teachers and mentors, while fostering innovative approaches to undergraduate education.
“Our students teach almost 200,000 CUNY students a year, across 8,000 courses,” Waltzer said in the segment. “And [the Mellon initiative] gives us an opportunity to really think about what it means to support them as they’re learning to teach in a community college context.”
Watch the video.

Submitted on: NOV 19, 2015

Category: General GC News | Grants | Teaching and Learning Center