Health Psychology & Clinical Science student Thomas Whitfield ft. in Press Release

“For so long research has focused on the ‘wrong’ behaviors of gay and bisexual men, but we want to turn the tables on that. We want to examine what these men are doing ‘right,’” said Thomas Whitfield, a study author and doctoral student in CUNY’s Health Psychology and Clinical Science training program. “One of the things we’ve discovered is that for many gay and bisexual men, sexual health is important.” [X]

Thomas Whitfield, a Psychology PhD Student in the Health Psychology & Clinical Science training area presented some of the department's work at the Society of Bwehavioral Medicine last week.

His abstract was one of a select few to be accompanied by a press release.

We wish to congratulate him on this honor.

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Submitted on: APR 13, 2016

Category: CUNY Neuroscience Collaborative