Year-in-Review: Longest, Shortest, and Favorite Dissertation Titles

A total of 444 doctoral dissertations, 58 master’s theses, and 22 capstone projects representing 35 programs were submitted to the library during the 2015-2016 academic year, according to Roxanne Shirazi, the GC’s dissertation research librarian, in her review of dissertations and theses.
“The library is concerned with preparing the work for an audience outside of your committee members,” Shirazi wrote in a blog post congratulating graduates. “We’re thinking ahead to researchers 20 years from now and the unintended uses they’ll make of the work.”
Among the statistics and impressions from Shirazi’s review:

* The Ph.D. Program in Psychology produced the most doctoral graduates this year (70), while the M.A. Program in Liberal Studies led the master’s programs (47).

* New York City was a frequent subject. Dissertations focused on the City included analysis of classical architecture in Rockefeller Center, Hurricane Sandy’s effects on Rockaway Beach, archaeological anthropology in Brooklyn, and post-war racial segregation in Long Island’s suburbs.

* Asian American studies were prominent this year, with works including “Boundaries and Belonging: Asian America, Psychology, and Psychoanalysis” (Natalie C. Hung), “Animate Impossibilities: On Asian Americanist Critique, Racialization, and the Humanities” (Frances H. Tran), and “Dislocating Camps: On State Power, Queer Aesthetics & Asian/Americanist Critique” (Christopher Alan Eng). 

* About 56 percent of this year’s works were made publicly available immediately, while 44 percent are currently under an embargo.

* The longest dissertation, at 834 pages, was “Brought Up for Each Other: The Letters of Edith Wharton to Bernard Berenson" (Susan Barile).

* And the shortest, at 69 pages, was “An Evaluation of the Standard Setting Performance of the FASB” (Devon Rolleri).

* And Shirazi’s favorite title: When Human-Leopard Conflict Turns Deadly: A Cross-Country Situational Analysis(Julie S. Viollaz).

Submitted on: JUN 8, 2016

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