Dr. Joy Connolly Appointed Provost and Senior VP of the Graduate Center

Following an international search, the Graduate Center is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Joy Connolly as Provost and Senior Vice President, effective on August 1.

A preeminent scholar and highly respected administrator, Dr. Connolly is currently the Dean for the Humanities and Professor of Classics at New York University, where she works with and for 400 faculty. Before joining NYU in 2004, she taught at Stanford University and the University of Washington.
“I couldn’t be more pleased to welcome Dr. Connolly to the Graduate Center,” said President Chase F. Robinson. “She brings extensive experience in research and graduate education from public and private institutions, and is deeply committed to the Graduate Center’s public mission. A gifted humanist and accomplished administrator, Joy will make an extraordinary Provost.”
Dr. Connolly’s research focuses on Roman ideas about aesthetics, communication, and political action, particularly as they relate to the contemporary world. She is the author of The State of Speech (Princeton, 2007) and The Life of Roman Republicanism (Princeton, 2014), as well as Going on the Market, an annually updated handbook that helps graduate students and junior Ph.D.’s navigate the processes for securing jobs and post-doctoral fellowships.
“I am honored to serve as Provost at the hub of a renowned public university in one of the world's greatest cities,” Dr. Connolly said. “The Graduate Center’s commitment to ensuring the most intellectually ambitious and inclusive community of scholars possible has energized every one of my conversations. At a time of great challenge and opportunity in higher education, I look forward with enthusiasm to working with everyone — faculty, administrators, students, and staff.”
In addition to her many published works, she has taught at multiple levels — from undergraduate courses on ancient political theory, Roman cultural identity, and interdisciplinary classes in NYU’s core curriculum, to graduate seminars on Greek and Roman rhetoric, Latin pastoral poetry, and Roman republicanism. Dr. Connolly earned her bachelor’s degree from Princeton University and her doctoral degree from the University of Pennsylvania.
Professor Janet Gornick (Political Science/Sociology), director of the Luxembourg Income Study Center, chaired the search committee of 10 faculty, two students, and one administrator. “Joy brings extraordinary credentials, and on behalf of the faculty, we look forward to working closely with her in the years ahead,” she said.
Interim Provost Louise Lennihan steps down from her post after nearly eight years in the Provost’s office, first as Associate Provost and then as Interim Provost, to return to the faculty in the GC’s Anthropology Program.

Photo courtesy of the New York Institute for the Humanities 

Submitted on: JUN 27, 2016

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